Monday, March 9, 2009

Excuses, Excuses...

I suppose I should answer the obvious questions for my mother, who is probably the only person left who checks this blog. Where have I been? I could feed you some bull about having had a “personal emergency”. Then there’s the old blogger’s excuse: “I have no internet at home right now, and so blogging is going to be sparse”. Or perhaps the age-old line: “I’ve been really, super busy “. Actually, since my absence commenced, all of those things has to a certain extent been true at one time or another (If you consider a personal emergency forgetting to change your oil for an embarrassingly unmentionable amount of time and having your “cam shaft freeze up” [whatever that means…mechanic speak] and needing to replace your engine to the tune of two grand right at Christmas time. This is a really long parenthesis). So, I suppose I do have what could be considered a valid excuse. Except, I am a hardnosed, no excuses kind of person. It’s how I roll. So, that said, the reason I’ve been gone is because I’ve just been so busy, ya know?

Rather than continuing to unsuccessfully defend myself for an undefendable absence of almost half a year, I’m just going to dive back in. Hope you don’t get whiplash.

As I write this, I’m enjoying a deliciously rainy, thundery Saturday and trying to finish painting my apartment. The latter end of that sentence has not been overly successful. Did you know that finding the right color of green for your walls is much like parallel parking or running a marathon? It’s dang hard. The last attempt at this venture was to fix the mucous-like color I had originally thought looked like spring green. It resulted in an even grosser shade of body secretion. So, it looks like I’m going to throw out the original paint selection – it’s probably too far gone – and start over. I’m holding out hope that the experts at Sherwin Williams could rescue my investment, but it’s probably going to be $41 wasted along with a tiny bit of my sanity. But, I will press on, and when it’s time to move out of my apartment, I’m sure I will have just finished painting.

I also just got a really awesome haircut. Behold:

A little bit pixie, a little bit emo. Fabulous, no? Please ignore the crazy eyes I am making in the first photo.

Pita chips are good. Salty, buttery, crunchy goodness, they are.

And with that, I complete my update update. And, rest assured, you can keep checking in on me, as I WILL be a more consistent blogger this spring. You’re welcome.

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Exie said...

Glad you are back! Love the haircut. I hope you are doing well! miss you.